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Welcome words from David Calatrava, CEO of Espacio Robot


Hello friends, I’m David Calatrava, a professional who since 2005 has always been working in leading companies mainly in departments of Marketing and Sales. My career has been in management, managing commercial teams, and in project management: implementing quality systems, sales and marketing departments in SMEs.


The brand Espacio Robot was born as a personal project. Based on two passions.
My passion for robotics and my passion for artificial intelligence, together with the rapid evolution that is taking place in the workplace and social areas in these areas have created in me the need to combine these themes and make them more productive for people.


The future is now, and what Espacio Robot intends is to prepare people in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, both in their work life and in their personal lives     


Mission. Carry out the transit in the most ethical and efficient way, to what is called the fourth industrial revolution.



From Espacio Robot we think that integration with robots and artificial intelligence should be done in a gradual way.
We have to keep living and feeling like humans.


We do not know how the evolution of robotics will be in the future, and how it will affect our lives, but the question is to be as up-to-date as possible. Our purpose is that all people, both in their work life and in their personal lives, be the first. Being the first is to lead. Let’s be the first then. Let’s lead then. Let’s put Robot Space in our lives.


Stephen Hawking: “Robots are not taking our jobs, they’re making society more unequal. For this reason we have to prepare and make a future robotic age more responsible for all, where the machines allow us a more happyness life “.

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