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WeDraw Robot: Smart Educational Robot, Kids Learn English, Arts & Maths

WeDraw-Eggy, the robot, is an enlightenment educational tool designed for kids ages 3-8.It’s a drawing robot but also much more. There are 3 different functional cards within the kit : Drawing Cards, Math Cards, and English Cards. It allows kids to learn math and English while drawing. WeDraw – Eggy is a little home teaching assistant to help kids get ready for school or connecting school and home self learning. In the traditional way, kids ages 3-8 starts their enlightenment education with books, pictures or video with coaching from parents or other adults. WeDraw – Eggy creates a brand new way for kids enlightenment education, learning by drawing. Kids love drawing and WeDraw-eggy enables kids to learn math & English by drawing. WeDraw – Eggy is like a little professional home teaching assistant and friend, it can talk with kids and demonstrating to kids to explain drawing, math and English.

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