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Baby robot – short animation with eevee blender 28 / Video by Evan Sazanides

Main concern of the proyect was to find a proper way to approach the concept, in order to avoid any uncanny valley results; baby and robot isn’t the easiest combination, so tried to emphasize more on the robot part and complement it with the idea of getting born. The Pixar-esque way seemed the safest option so went with that.
#HardOps was the main creative tool for the modeling, and it was a greatly enjoyable process. It really is a great tool, and the challenge to make something else than a stylised cube or a weapon with it was really interesting. For the background did some kitbashing with a bunch of great models that found on, and then used an HDRi map to finalise the composition.
Source CC video, image and text: Evan Sazanides

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