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Increasing protection with drone detection analytics / Axis Comunications


Have you considered drone detection as part of your intrusion detection solution?

The use of drones for criminal purposes is a growing concern. Not only are they used to collect information from industrial plants and other critical facilities, but also as a tool for robberies in residential condominiums and to transport phones and drugs to prisons. ​

With the increasing number of drones in the airspace its time to start thinking about protection above the fence. Find out how you can increase protection by integrating cameras with applications to create a complete drone detection solution.

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At Axis Communications we offer scaleable network video surveillance solutions, including intelligent analytics, for large enterprises and organizations. Axis can provide you with a complete A-Z network video solution. Or you can integrate exactly what you need right now into your existing solution and add more products from Axis. Solutions protect your premises – and your bottom line.

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Source video, image and text: Axis Communications


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