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Gen3 robotic arm plug & play with Haption Virtuose 6D / KINOVA


See how easy it is to integrate our Gen3 robotic arm and Haption’s Virtuose 6D to perform delicate, teleoperated tasks using haptics, torque sensing and force-feedback.

Discover all the features of KINOVAⓇ GEN3 Ultra lightweight robot: Learn more about Haption’s Virtuose 6D(TM) haptic device:
————————————————————————– Kinova is a global leader in innovation robotics. Founded in 2006 in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada, Kinova’s mission was initially to empower individuals with upper-body limitations through assistive robotics. Over a decade later, the company has evolved its solutions and product suite to service new markets — helping researchers, medical professionals, governments, businesses and educational institutions achieve their innovation goals through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts. Today, with an ever-evolving line of robotic technologies built up over more than a decade of inspired ingenuity, and a dedicated team spanning all corners of the world, our company’s collective mission is — and always will be — to empower humanity to go well beyond its limitations and achieve the extraordinary.


Source video, image and text: Kinova

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