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HoLLiEs Patisserie: Robot Decorating Cookies / Video CC by FZIchannel


Modern service robots in the field – collaborative cookie decoration by HoLLiE and guests of the Stallwächter Party 2019. In this application, our service robot HoLLiE is able to decorate cookies using four different types of toppings. The user is allowed to choose between sugar stars, sprinkles and marshmallows in order to decorate the cookie in a delicious way. A sugar gun is also available. It allows the user to draw arbitrary shapes and letters on top of the cookie.

The user is provided with a set of baking tools which are tracked by a OptiTrack system, allowing HoLLiE to imitate the user’s motions. A web-based GUI is used to give direct feedback about the robot’s behavior and ease the interaction. The Cookie Bot was presented at Stallwächter Party 2019 in Berlin and more than 200 cookies were decorated according to the user’s taste.

More Details about HoLLiE’s patisserie can be found here:…

Source video, image and text: FZIchannel

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