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USA knocks down an Iranian drone in international waters of the Persian Gulf / July 18


US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that the USS Boxer wrecked a drone from Iran in the Strait of Hormuz.

According to Trump, the Iranian drone threatened the vessel when it reached about 900 meters away and ignored various warnings. The US president said other countries should condemn Iran and protect its vessels.

“The drone was immediately destroyed,” Trump said in the White House. “It was the latest of several provocative and hostile acts of Iran against vessels operating in international waters.”

So far, Iran has not confirmed the incident. Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman confirmed the attack on the Iranian drone.

Also on Thursday, the US Treasury Department announced new sanctions against Iran.

The tension between the two countries has increased. Trump abandoned the nuclear deal sealed with European powers, Russia and China, which conditioned the end of sanctions against Tehran in exchange for guarantees that the Persian country’s nuclear program would serve peaceful purposes. Washington has also imposed sanctions on Iran.

The US shot down an Iranian drone that threatened an American naval vessel entering the Strait of Hormuz . This was its first US military engagement with Iran. The drone was immediately destroyed afterwards, as per President Trump, as it approached within 1000 yards of the ship. Tehran’s top diplomat, Mohammad J Zarif, said he had “no information about losing a drone today.”
Source video, image and text: The Times of India

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