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Yamaton – Automaton Calligrapher robot CNC / designed for research in kinesthetics of calligraphy


The Yamaton, a computer-controlled machine originally designed for research in kinesthetics of calligraphy, actually delivers a pretty good hand! Here making a copy of the Canticle of the Creatures, a praise prayer by St.Francis, imitating the hand (font or typeface to y’all) of the oldest manuscript in Italian, c. AD 1270.


The machine was built in Austin, Texas, from parts of a homespun CNC originally from 2018. Completing these two sheets of fine calligraphy would take a practiced professional a good couple days. That’s too much work. To save effort, I only spent 6 months building the machine, developing the software, even figuring the right ink-gum-pigments mix. Saving work and time, that’s my motto!

Source video, image and text: Papel Texano

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