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Drones an alternative to fireworks


The future is sensational In recent years, drones have emerged as an alternative to fireworks: a more versatile and ecological light show in the air.

The light shows that are able to crystallize these aircraft have become an alternative to fireworks. the Chinese firm Ehang, made a prodigious show to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Thousands of devices were put in the air, which formed diverse figures, related to the festivity.

In the past South Korean Winter Olympics, Intel deployed 1,200 drones while drawing the Olympic rings in the Korean night.  This year the authorities banned the use of fireworks to celebrate the Chinese New Year in four hundred cities.

The reason? Pollution, leaving a fertile ground for the entry of drones. the last record is held by Intel. For its 50th anniversary, which the company celebrated in the month of July, it launched 2 thousand drones. They drew the Intel logo in the night sky, framed by the number 50.

The devices are, in short, a more versatile solution than fireworks to create shapes in the sky. But in addition they constitute a more ecological way to celebrate nocturnal shows of lights.

Source video, image and text: El futuro es sensacional

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