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Poseidon, Russian submarine drone its speed exceeds 200 km/h


Russian submarine drone

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has published a video of the tests of the Poseidon, the Russian unmanned submarine drone.

Technical characteristics of Poseidon surpass those of any other device in its class. Its speed exceeds 200 km / h. It has a nuclear reactor to propel it and is equipped with a nuclear warhead of 100 megatons. As if that were not enough, the Poseidon would have an unlimited range of navigation.

This drone is part of the state weapons program for the 2018-2027 period.
Poseidon’s capabilities make it an ideal counterattack weapon. the combination of deep submersion and high speed capability will make the Poseidon difficult to intercept.

the submarine drone is destined to respond to a nuclear attack. The presence of this type of weapons should scare away any potential aggressor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also emphasized that all Russian military developments are purely defensive.

Source video, image and text creative common video: El futuro es sensacional

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