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Makeblock Mbot Ranger / Video by Cheshanx


Makeblock Ranger | Robotics for Beginners Arduino at your doorstep and make your kid as a programmer First time in Sri Lanka at Mobitel Link: Link 2:

Price : 32,990 T&C Apply. Easy Payments methods available

Here are some FAQ’s for basic questions:

Q1: How to turn the robot on? Press the red button on the top of mainboard to turn the robot on.

You will see some light flickers and hear apiece of music in the start-up process.

Q2: How to turn the robot off?Press and hold the red button on the top of main board for 3-5 seconds.

Q3: The robot doesn’t work after I turned it on.There may be one of two reasons:

1. The battery voltage may drop too low to continue running the robot. Please charge the batteries or use newbatteries.

2. You may need to replace wires for the motor if they are broken.

Q4: I try to turn the robot to the left but it turn to the right.

You may need to switch the order of two wires (M1, M2) to correct rotation direction.

Q5: There are noises after I got the robot tank running.

1. Please check if the driven wheels are correctly installed

2. Please grease the bearings of the driven wheel.

Q6: I can’t connect the App with the robot via Bluetooth.

1. Check on your smart device’s browser for confirmation.

2. Please try to restart the App or reset the main control board.

Q7: Why the line follower sensor cannot detect the black line?

Please check through the following reasons:

1. Do not keep the light follower sensor under the sun as it may be affected by the sunlight.

2. The detecting range of the line follower sensor is 1-2cm.

Please adjust the distance between the sensor and theground.

Source video, image and text: cheshanx


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