[CES 2019] Cosmo Comunicator / Cosmo Communicator – The ultimate mobile communicator – a pocket computer, mobile phone and camera


Planet Computers are showing their latest prototype of the Cosmo Communicator now crowdfunding for $569 on Indiegogo here which is an upgrade of their very successful Gemini PDA which I used as my main phone for the past 9 months and you can see some videos I filmed about it here… the Cosmo Communicator upgraded the CPU to MediaTek P70, Memory, the keyboard gets backlit, an external OLED display is added to be able to use the phone without having to open it, a fingerprint reader is added that is a combo with being a selection button, an external high quality 24 megapixel camera is now also default.

The new design also allows for better antennas for a stronger LTE signal and possibly also for a stronger Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support too.

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Source video, image and text: Charbax

Source image: Liliputing

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