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Zoomer / Zoomer – Responsive robotic dog with voice recognition & realistic motion


Who’s a good dog? zoomer playful pup! bring home a new best friend that moves and sounds just like a real dog! using sophisticated voice recognition technology, playful pup responds to sound and touch with cute barks and adorable tricks! name your new friend and playful pup will come when you call!

full of life, this interactive dog walks, bounces, pounces and plays!
teach your puppy to perform over 25 tricks, like: play Dead; shake a paw; take a bow; and roll over. Full of affection, there’s nothing playful pup loves more than cuddles and snuggles! pet your pup and you’ll hear happy doggy sounds.
Rub playful pup’s belly and you’ll hear “I ruv Roo!” stop petting and this lovable pup will whimper – just like a real dog. As you get to know playful pup’s big personality, you’ll discover everything your dog can do!
with fuzzy ears, a floppy tongue and wiggly tail playful pup is full of life and ready to Scamper alongside you! meet your new best friend: zoomer playful pup!
Source video, image and text: Toys

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