Scooterson’s Rolley features:

Rolley is a gesture-controlled intuitive scooter. Start riding a regular scooter, the gesture control system will detect your body as it moves: first kick is gear one, second kick shifts to gear two, and sit for gear three.

The Scooterson app adapt power and torque settings to perfectly match with remaining battery levels. The flip-side is that when the battery is low, the app will drop the settings to an energy conservation mode.

The more you ride Rolley, the more information the Scooterson app will gather and store in the cloud, optimising power-train profile, based on the riding patterns, weight and surrounding terrain specifics.

Scooterson connects to smartphones and smartwatches to display speed, battery status, ride statistics and other traffic-relevant data acquired from the cloud. The app permanently tracks the status of your scooter and connects to the cloud

Using the app, your friends and colleagues can request access to use your Rolley. The cloud-based sharing management system will send you a notification to ask you to grant them access. When you give the ok, the app will unlock your Rolley.

Keyless, Your smartphone or smartwatch acts as a key,  when you are a short distance from the scooter.

Made with aerospace materials, magnesium alloys and composites and weighs only 20 Kg.

On full power setting, it will go about 30 miles (50 Km) with one charge and take 3 hours to 100% charge. On eco mode, you could ride 45 miles (70 Km). The pice of 100 km tour would be 19 cents more or less. With 100 bucks you could do 30.000 miles. Awesome

Anti-theft system: Wheels blocked and the alarm goes off if moved from the parked position and you can track the vehicle using the GPS feature on your mobile device.

Source video, image and text: Scooterson

Source web text: E27