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Pai Technology / Augie – Code your own adventure with Augie, the Augmented Reality Coding Robot


Pai Technology Augie: How to Play: Trailblazer

Powered by code. Fueled by FUN


Pai Technology’s Augie is premiere coding robot that is equipped with AR technology. Augie engages imagination and creativity while helping children further enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills. Playtime with Augie improves hand-eye coordination and logic through the introduction of play patterns that leverage AI and innovative robotic technology. Augie comes with a FREE intuitive app that offers engaging coding tutorials, all in conjunction with standards set by

  • Learn to code by controlling the robot’s movement, sounds, and LCD screen — with over 100 commands
  • Design your own immersive game with special missions and challenges with AR.
  • Record your own sounds for Augie to perform.
  • Augie shows you how to code through five modes of play.
  • Free fully-immersive 3D teaching app with 60 AR tutorials to cover coding basics, from sequencing to variables.
About Pai Technologies
Pai Technology, providers of engaging Augmented Reality STEAM experiences, combines the latest advancements in technology with research to make innovative and fun educational products. Pai Technology’s products strengthen the imagination, encourage problem solving, and promote critical thinking.
Learn more about Augie and Pai Technology at now.
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