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Ori-Hime Robot explaining how to order coffee in a cafe on Tokyo


Kentaro Yoshifuji is a serial inventor of Orihime robot, which he built to help address the loneliness he felt when was a child.

This project began the recruitment in 2018-07-30, with the support of 287 people, collected 2,596,000 yen of funds and ended the recruitment in 2018-09-29

Creation of the Ori Research Laboratory, which will investigate and develop, like the “robot”, OriHime

Today, we are marketing this OriHime, for children can not go to school due to various circumstances, patients who can not go out with family and friends due to an illness, as well as parts of diseases and disorders, as well as child care and nursing care.

In addition, we invented a communication device “Eye of OriHime” that supports the lives of patients called “prostrate in bed” without ELA and other movements almost without moving. In 2017, the tax-exempt social assistance team of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan was approved.

 Now Ori Hime has more abilities, funtions. Like on the video that we show from youtube.

OriHime-D, weighs 20 kilos and serves as a waiter at a Tokyo café. It is a white robot of 1.20 meters high that works thanks to the movements that are ordered from a distance.

Three robots with that name work in the café in the Tokyo neighborhood of Akasaka. They move between the tables with precision and interact with the client, which empathizes quickly with this nice figure.

Source video, image and text: incubion _
Source web text: OriLab

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