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Mixon Technology / PLEN:bit – Sensor controlled Robot using the micro:bit


Mixon Technology – Indiegogo – Kickstarter PLEN:bit : Sensor controlled Robot using the micro:bit PLEN:bit is a small humanoid robot with movable arms and legs. Anyone can easily use PLEN:bit through programing and onboard sensors. The micro:bit is an educational single-board chip made in England, which the PLEN:bit utilizes as its brain. Beginner or advanced, regardless of ability, anyone can freely and easily program the sensors and LEDs in the micro:bit to create your robot’s motions and reactions.

PLEN: bit: Robot controlled by sensor using the micro: bit

PLEN: bit is a small humanoid robot with moving arms and legs. Easy to use: PLEN: through programming and the sensors it has on board.

The micro: bit is an educational chip of a single England made plate, which PLEN: bit uses as a brain. of easy uses are the sensors and LEDs in micro: bit to create the movements and reactions of your robot.

PLEN: bit has a small body of 13 cm in height and eight mobile joints, allowing a multitude of movements. Even using pre-set movements like walking, dancing and greeting, you can find many ways to have fun with PLEN: bit.

The micro: bit is equipped with a JavaScript Block Editor which is accessed from any web browser; It is suitable for beginners.

The PLEN bit: has a distance sensor and a sound sensor.

micro: bit has an integrated accelerometer and compass. PLEN: bit understands if it has fallen and can be moved in the direction of the compass.

You can improve your programming skills using Javascript or Python, programming PLEN: bit directly.

By creating programs for real objects, you can observe the effects of your code and make it easier to understand the coding. In general, the repetition of the test and the error can cause people to get out of coding. But the use of a cute robot in which you can see each input with a visual output should more easily maintain one’s interest.

For teachers

The use of the micro: bit is beginning to spread throughout the world in educational facilities.

For those teachers who are already using or who would like to use the micro: bit, the PLEN: bit robot is the most optimal teaching tool. Thus introducing an important theme today as sensors and electronics.

What is micro: bit?

The micro: bit is a single-board educational chip made in England, which comes equipped with 25LED, an accelerometer, a compass, a thermometer, a light sensor, a touch sensor, wireless connection and more. By connecting this chip to PLEN: bit, it becomes the brain capable of operating servomotors, sensors and other robotic mechanisms.

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Source video, image and text: Mixon Technology

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