Disney Research / PaintCopter: An Autonomous UAV for Spray Painting on 3D Surfaces (Source Disney Research)

Autonomous spray painting using a UAV, suitable for industrial applications. The work is motivated by the potential for such a system to achieve accurate and fast painting results. The PaintCopter is a quadrotor that has been custom fitted with an arm plus a spray gun on a pan-tilt mechanism.
The ability to paint planar surfaces such as walls in single color is a basic requirement for a spray painting system. But this work include: painting on 3D structure, and painting of a desired texture appearance.
System operation consists (1) an offline component to capture a 3D model of the target surface, (2) an offline component to design the painted surface appearance, and generate the associated robotic painting commands, (3) a live system that carries out the spray painting.
Experimental results demonstrate autonomous spray painting by the UAV, doing area fill and versatile line painting on a 3D surface.
Source video, image and text: DisneyResearchHub
Source web text: DisneyResearch
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