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Designed with SOLIDWORKS – JFOX Electric Aircraft. How did a Thai start-up develop a technologically advanced electric aircraft at the forefront of Industry 4.0? Meet the JFox Aircraft team who created the JFOX JX-200E-RG Sport Thunder electric aircraft with SOLIDWORKS in collaboration with Thailand’s Kasetsart University. Register for SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2019 events at

CAD software like SOLIDWORKS is now offering a design-to-manufacture process that is far more accessible than before.

In Thailand, a start-up has just done that – JFox Aviation – in partnership with Kasetsart University’s Aerospace Engineering department, utilizing the digital tools of SOLIDWORKS from the blueprint design stage, to virtual testing and simulation before actual fabrication and 3D-printing of the aircraft’s parts.

The JFOX JX-200E-RG Sport Thunder electric aircraft is a high-performance electric two-seater aircraft, completely made from carbon fibre composites. Without engine noise or vibration, but just a background hum from the propeller. Quieter, lighter and most likely cheaper, , the JFOX JX-200E-RG Sport Thunder is the air transportation of Thailand’s 4.0 vision.

Mr Jettanakorn Pengsiri, Managing Director, JFox Aircraft, had the aspiration to create a new kind of aircraft model that can run on electricity. Lithium-ion batteries could possibly work with a far lighter aircraft design.

Imagine having to build mock aircraft models to test out performance in different situations. That would have been a prohibitively expensive undertaking which could have killed the dream before it can come to fruition. But Dr. Pongwit and the JFox team chose to integrate the SOLIDWORKS software in every step of the design-to-manufacture process, extraordinarily agile 3D technology and ability to capture details, precision engineering, and simulation of the performance of different aerodynamic designs.


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