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COWA ROBOT / Rover Speed – AI powered suitcase that can follow or lead wherever you go


Stand in front of the lock then activate the au-to follow mode VIDEO.

A new generation of smart convenience that follows or leads wherever you go.

AI-powered, effortless autonomous control, obstacle avoidance with smartphone tracking and notifications.

Automatically stays close and matches your movement pace.

Maneuvers around obstacles and people.

Rover Speed knows where you are and sends alerts when you are more than 2 meters away.

FEATURES: source:

Smartphone App Remote Control

LED Status Indicators

Removable Lithium Battery

“Grab and Go” Auto-Switch to Manual

Connect with Bluetooth

Built-In Power Bank

TSA-Compatible Smart Lock

Proximity Alarm and Alerts

All Aluminum Frame

100% German Bayer Polycarbonate

Silent wheels with Retraction Activators

Ergonomic Handle with Sensors

6400 maH Rechargeable Battery

24 lbs Load Capacity

Recharge easily though its USB port or connect to a standard electrical outlet.

Simply grab the handle and the Rover Speed automatically converts to manual mode.

Equipped with a rotate-to-open smart lock and an electronic lock controlled by the app.

You can pre-order on kickstarter


Source video, image and text: COWA ROBOT

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