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Ishikawa Senoo Laboratory / Dynamic Human-Robot Interaction -Realizations of collaborative motion and peg-in-hole- VIDEO

Ishikawa Senoo Laboratory developed a dynamic human-robot interactive system consisting of a high-speed vision and a high-speed robot hand. The high-speed vision can measure the position and the orientation of the board to be manipulated by a human and a robot. Then the high-speed robot hand can react based on the board information.
This system can correspond to a randomly human motion at high-speed and low-latency. In addition, Ishikawa Senoo Laboratory successfully achieved a collaborative peg-in-hole. In this task, the diameters of the peg and the hole are 6.350 mm and 6.325 mm, respectively. Therefore, can perform the high-accuracy peg-in-hole by using the developed human-robot interactive system.
“As the proposed concrete method, by tracking the markers attached on the same object by the high-speed vision system, we recognized the three-dimensional position and orientation of the board to be manipulated by the human operator every 1 millisecond. Based on the visual recognition result, the cooperative motion according to the human motion was realized.” source:…
Source video, image and text: Ishikawa Senoo Laboratory
Source web text: Ishikawa Senoo

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