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Blueye Robotics / Inspections on lump fish with the underwater drone for aquaculture


The Blueye Pioneer underwater drone is a great tool for monitoring fish at aquaculture sites. This video shows how the underwater drone both can help insuring fish farmers of the welfare of their fish and also checking to see if they need to make any actions.

Perform more frequent inspections on your underwater assets, cost- and risk reducing.

All aqua culture sites are required to monitor their fish and nets daily. Today, visual inspections conducted below the surface and at the seabed are normally carried out by fixed camera systems, divers or industrial ROVs.

Fixed cameras are limited when it comes to reach and flexibility.

With the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone, you have a mobile underwater camera which allow you to carry out your underwater inspections efficiently and easily .

Blueye providing operators of fish farms and service vessels with an industrial drone that can be operated by anyone capable of using a smartphone or a tablet.

Inspect your assets below the surface more frequently and reduce both risk and cost! With an underwater drone, you have a mobile underwater camera which allows you to carry out your own inspections whenever and wherever you want.

Benefits of Blueye Pioneer in the Aqua Culture industry:

Portable and suitable for easy handling
Easy and fast deployment
Easy to operate with minimum training required
Auto depth and auto heading functions makes it easy to keep focus
Full HD camera and easy video recording
Minimal maintenance
Possibility of streaming live video footage to external viewers (requires min. 4G net, streaming hardware not included)

“Fish net- and mooring inspections are easily completed with the Blueye Pioneer. You deploy it directly in the water, and within minutes you can perform your own underwater inspection. This gives you the opportunity for better decisions making, improved planning, and reduction of unnecessary repair costs.

In some areas of the world as well as in some situations, it is impossible to deploy a dive team on short notice. With the Blueye Pioneer, inspections can be done immediately. The cost of one drone is nearly the same as deploying one dive team, and the drone can be operated by crew with minimal training.” source: https://www.blueyerobotics.com/page/aqua-culture

The Blueye Pioneer is equipped with 4 powerful thrusters, and in combination with the unique hull design, this makes it possible to perform high quality underwater inspections in conditions that very few ROVs are able to tackle safely.

The Blueye Pioneer App gives you the possibility to stream your video footage live with external viewers.

Source video, image and text: Blueye Robotics

Source web text: Blueye Robotics

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