Ryze Robotics / Tello EDU Drone – Through programming, learn the most popular coding languages, including Swift, Scratch, and Python


Where can your love for science and technology take off? With none other than Tello EDU, by Ryze Tech and powered by DJI! Through programming, learn the most popular coding languages, including Swift, Scratch, and Python, so you can take control of one or a whole swarm of Tello EDU. Mission Pads let your fun mini drone use its advanced computer vision to recognize and react to visual cues. With more advanced features, Tello EDU is the drone that lets your creativity fly!

Tello EDU is an impressive programmable drone perfect for educational use. You can learn to program in Scratch, Python and Swift. With an improved SDK 2.0, Tello EDU has more options for advanced commands and data interfaces. Tello EDU includes the flight control technology of DJI and can perform electronic image stabilization.

HD 720p transmission

Photos of 5 MP

Flight time 13-min

Accurate stationary flight

Program a swarm of drones

Bases for missions with different and fun uses

Various flight modes

About Ryze Robotics

Ryze Technology is a technology startup founded in 2017 based in Shenzhen, China. Its goal is to make flying fun and exciting. Playing is an important part of learning, and learning about drones can be fun and entertaining. This is the inspiration behind our first product: Tello. With a DJI flight controller and an Intel processor, Tello combines leading technologies in its sectors with the goal of entertaining in an easy to use drone. Tello is compatible with Virtual Reality equipment for mobile phones, giving users another reason to fly and have even more fun. To facilitate learning, the Scratch programming system integrated into the application.

Source video, image and text: Ryze Robotics

Source web text: Ryze Robotics

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