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Geek+ / Logistics Automation – one-stop robotic solutions to enhance efficiency in the logistics field and warehouse management


Led by Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and robotic technologies, Geek+ provides one-stop robotic solutions to enhance efficiency for users in the logistics field and warehouse management. Largely perfecting the warehouse’s storage and simplifying steps in order fulfillment, the techniques also bring a labor-free environment in terms of efficient parcel consolidation, effective inventory’s system, accurate correlation of SKUs and optimized management of robots. With over 50 successful cases and 3000+ units of robots working in some well-known enterprises’ warehouses. Geek+ is good at helping triple the workforce entirely and has already been a leading provider in warehousing and logistic automation solution.

Picking System
The robots move shelf to achieve “goods to person” picking
Market pressure under the consume upgrading, …

Moving System
The robots move shelf or pallet to achieve automatic point to point moving .
With the development of manufacturing, the en…

Sorting System
The robots cooperate with visual devices to achieve automatic sorting
With the rapid increase of express requiremen…

Storage Retrieval System
Automatic storage retrieval system is realized by forklift and robot
A new AS/RS driven by Self-driving Forklift w…

System Component

Picking System

Geek Robot

Geek Management System

Picking Station

Charging Station

Application Scope

Geek picking system is suitable for multi-SKU, normal-size goods picking operation and operating warehouse.. Applied in E-commerce, retail, 3PL, medical, clothing, food, daily consumables, manufacturing, automobile, etc.


Stable Lifting and Carrying
Flexible Intelligent Scheduling
Advanced Automatic Charging
Accurate Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

Lower Cost: Decrease 50%-70% labor
Rapid ROI: 2-3 years’ payback period
Fast Deployment: Completed within 3 months
Great Flexibility: Lower investment risk effectively

Weight:130 kg
Lift Load:500 kg
Payload:500 kg
L*W*H:920 *690 *280

Weight:260 kg
Lift Load:1,000 kg
Payload:1,000 kg

Weight:180 kg
Lift Load:800 kg
Payload:800 kg
L*W*H:1040 *820 *280

Moving System

Weight:180 kg
Lift Load:1,000 kg
Payload:1,000 kg

Weight:60 kg
Lift Load:200 kg
Payload:200 kg
L*W*H:750 *500 *210

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