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EZ- Robots / Virtual Reality Robot Plugin – allows you to view the robot’s view and control the servos with the VR headset Pitch and Yaw


This plugin for EZ-Builder allows you to view the robot’s view and control the servos with the VR headset Pitch and Yaw. The plugin is available here:…

Plugins / ezrobot / Virtual Reality Robot

Plugin for all SteamVR supported virtual reality headsets (Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, etc)

This plugin requires EZ-Builder for Microsoft Windows PC.

This plugin supports all virtual reality headsets through Steam VR, Google Play and iOS, including Google Cardboard, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality and HTC Vive. The plugin allows you to see what the robot sees and control the servos with the Pitch and Yaw of the headset. The robot mimicking your movement.

On PC, the supported headsets use Steam VR (OpenVR), it will work with this plugin, given the headset is directly connected to the PC.

The Google Cardboard turns your mobile device into a virtual reality headset. It can be purchase on the cardbooard version from Google, or online a more robust plastic/foam padded version from amazon.

This plugin requires a camera, whether on your robot or a USB device. Add and press the Attach to Camera button on the plugin. This will connect the plugin to the camera device being the video stream sending to the VR headset.

Button will start the VR client, which connects to the VR Headset. Setting is to launch in the plugin window, that can be altered for your project in the configuration dialog.

For those using a google cardboard (iOS or Android) compatible device and headset, your device needs to be on the same network as the EZ-Builder PC. Load the Virtual Reality Robot mobile app on your device.
Configuration Button

This allows you to select the servos that will be assigned to the Horizontal (yaw) and Vertical (pitch) of the headset which correspond to the robot. So when you move your head, the robot moves as well.

Read the warnings on your device before using a virtual reality (VR) viewer with this plugin to reduce the risk of personal injury, discomfort or property damage. Is not recomendable to use this plugin for extended periods of time to avoid experiencing nausea.

EZ- Robot Company
Canadian founded by DJ Sures, EZ-Robot offers an easy, innovative and powerful platform to build your dream robots. The EZ-B is a robot controller that connects to your computer or mobile device over Wi-Fi. Use the included EZ-Builder Software or EZ-SDK on your computer and control the output of the EZ-B Robot Controller.

Source video, image and text: ez-robot

Source web text: ez-robot

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