Hélicéo / Geomatic Innovation Technology – Photogrammetric 80 ha (198 acres) around of Putrajaya Marriott “the largest hotel in Malaysia” with the “SuperFox6” sky drone and the”Bathymetric” drone catamaran


In April 2018, Hélicéo and its Malaysian distributor SkyShine made a photogrammetric survey of the largest hotel in Malaysia: the Putrajaya Marriott. For this mission, two drones were used. A first flight was carried out with the SuperFox6, a multirotor drone, to survey the different facades. Then, a complementary flight was made with the FoxyPro, a VTOL aircraft drone, to scan 80 ha (198 acres) around the hotel.

The presentation takes place at Putrajaya Marriott, the largest hotel in Malaysia. This sumptuous building has already been the subject of a photogrammetric mission by Hélicéo in April 2018.

Drone flight over the lush forests of Malaysia

First release of “Fusion RTK” on the Asian continent

« Fusion RTK » is new generation VTOL aircraft drone from Hélicéo. Drone can take off and land on any type of site safely, including rugged terrain, it offers extreme stability in flight. Provides photogrammetric missions of very high quality flying flat and low speed (14 m / s). With its powerful engine, it can withstand winds of around 50 km / h. In one hour autonomy allows you to raise surfaces of up to 700 ha (1730 acres) in a single flight.

Building scan using multirotor drone “SuperFox6”

An automatic flight at 100 m above the ground is performed with the “SuperFox6”. This aerial multirotor drone has 43 minutes autonomy. Exceptional wind resistance (50 km / h), it can perform quality missions in extreme conditions. Thanks to the RTK system directly integrated into the DroneBox, there is no need for ground target. The “SuperFox6” gives you an accuracy of 3 cm in X and Y and 5 cm in Z.

“FoxBathy” is sailing on the ponds of Putrajaya Marriott

To finish this presentation, “FoxBathy” is launched and raises the ponds of the Putrajaya Marriott hotel. This fully automated bathymetric drone provides a productivity gain 10 times higher compared to traditional methods. With it, only one operator can exercise from the bank safely. This aquatic drone can carry different types of echosounders (centimeter monofrequency, decimetre single frequency or centimetric bi-frequency) to acquire a data mesh of a few centimeters to the meter.

Bathymetric drone catamaran

The SuperBathy is an automatic catamaran drone with a dual technology of aerial or aquatic propulsion.

Source video, image and text: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQzTHt94RQyv0ytwAaPk2Eg

Source web text: http://www.heliceo.com/

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