Maverick Drone Systems / UGS-1 Granular spreader for dry fertilizer, seed, or other pellets



– Dimensions: 302mm x 223,5mm x 365mm

– Input voltage: Lipo 1S (3V-4,2V)

– Capacity: 8L (2,11 gal.)

– Spreader empty weight: 0,9 kg

– Total weight (including battery and electronic system): 1,1 kg

– Normal current: 4A-6A

– Maximal current: 10A (protected by a fuse)

– Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C (14° F to 104°F)

– Max tilt angle: 27°

– Made of: Carbon fiber, aluminum, ASA Plastic

– Spreading diameter: 12m-23m

**Depends on voltage, altitude of the drone when spreading, type of granules and wind condition.

– Rate of spreading : Adjustable

– Rotation speed: 625 rpm

– Max transmitting range (no obstable, no interference): Up to 3km

– Operating frequency: 433 Mhz

– Remote control powered with 9V battery

– Minimum recommended payload capacity of your UAV: 5 Kg

Maverick Drone Systems is a leading distributor of innovative drone systems in the USA, designed to bring a broad portfolio of integrated, enterprise-class drones and services.

UAS fields of operation: inspection of infrastructure, law enforcement, public safety, disaster/crowd control, agriculture/ micro farming, security/surveillance, crisis management, news/media/entertainment.

Maverick Drone technology solutions advance business opportunities by creating better ways to navigate the sky and survey land areas and things that are critical to analyze. Maverick is a Savage, Minnesota based drone company. The team consists of a revolutionary group of filmmakers, engineers, innovative thinkers, manned aircraft and unmanned drone pilots.

Maverick Drone Technologies includes NDVI sensors, LiDAR Sensors, UAV Granule Spreaders, UAV Spray Systems,Thermal Sensors, Gas Detection Sensors, 30X Zoom cameras, Cinematic Vision Sensors, and industrial grade drones with IP43 ratings that can operate in the most extreme environments.

Source video, image and text: Maverick Drone Systems

Source text web: Maverick Drone

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