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Beam Telepresence / BeamPro – overview of how robotic telepresence works


Beam Pro

You can easily “teleport” into any office around the world using BeamPro. Besides high-quality video chat, you have the ability to move the robotic telepresence device – to find a co-worker, lead a meeting, look over an issue on the manufacturing line overseas or participate in a group collaboration across the country.

Telepresence robots will enable to do all of that while simultaneously creating more engaging remote experiences, for companies providing remote tours.

The Beam Pro is being used in corporate, manufacturing, medical, and sales environments to increase productivity and reduce costs
With a telepresence robot you can conduct corporate training, have a commanding remote presence, conduct company tours, meet with clients or fellow executives or employees.

The Beam Pro (BeamPro) robot is produced by Suitable Technologies as another addition to the field of business telepresence robots.

17″ screen, the Beam telepresence robot has many features: large screen and more imposing size provide, strongpresence and command great attention in the workplace.

The robot can be setup to allow auto-activation, where a remote user can use the robot right away, as well as setting up an introduction, where the call from the remote user must be answered.

The Beam Pro provides an enhanced ability to read facial gestures due to the large screen which helps to improve user experience. Two HD cameras provide a 170-degree wide-angle horizontal and vertical field of view, mitigating the tunnel vision you often get with traditional web-cams.

The Beam robot implements a six microphone system which allows for reduced background noise and echo-cancellation.Stronger speaker output than the Beam Plus, capable of outputting around 100 decibals.

The BeamPro boasts an approximate eight hours of battery life.

The Beam currently works with Windows 7 (or higher) and OS X 10.7 (or higher) operating systems (Not Linux compatible at the moment).

Founded in 2011, Suitable Technologies, Inc. designs and manufacturers Beam® and BeamPro® at its Palo Alto, California headquarters. Find out more at

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