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OptoFidelity / OptoFidelity™ TOUCH – Fast and accurate touch performance robot solution for smart devices


OptoFidelity™ TOUCH is a fast and the most accurate robotic solution for measuring touch performance on any smart device. Use cases: accuracy (tap test), linearity (swipe test), repeatability, reporting rate, separation, latency Standard solution includes: – OptoFidelity robot with one finger tool and rack with alternative finger tips – Measurement PC – Camera for product positioning – WLAN connectivity hardware – Adjustable adapter kit for device under test – Software for test execution and reporting – Application for testing (Android, iOS, Windows) Optional features: z-axis tool with two or multiple fingers, stylus holder, tilt, azimuth, force feedback.

OptoFidelity Oy is driven by a passion to innovate and design test and production solutions for mobile devices, sensors and electronics used in smart devices. The company is a global partner for several industry-leading companies.

OptoFidelity is a globally recognized pioneers especially in robot assisted testing and we design and build unique automated test measurement systems for the top global mobile and smart device players in various industries.

Testing and measuring touch performance is essential to guarantee functionality and quality for touch-enabled smart devices. Touch performance consists on:

Tap accuracy, ie. the accuracy of the tap position in the touch panel compared to the programmed position of the tap.

Tap latency, ie. the level of delay in reproducing the intended functionality when tapping.

Jitter, ie. variation in detected touch screen coordinates while finger is motionless or drawing a straight line

Swipe accuracy, ie. how accurate the touch panel coordinates are compared to the actual, programmed position of the swipe

Reporting rate, ie. the frequency of reporting in the touch panel

OptoFidelity Touch Performance Test System is an automated test system for testing chipsets, touch panels, final products and systems. Touch performance measurement is carried out for chipsets, touch panels and final products.

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