Hoverfly Technologies / Livesky SENTRY drone – Fully autonomous system great for securing large areas and expanding the perimeter


Hoverfly Technologies new LiveSky Sentry drone is equipped with various features for every public safety situation. Great for securing large areas and expanding the perimeter.

Confidence soar with LIVESKY™ SENTRY. Fully autonomous system works reliably even in rough weather. Its tether technology provides continuous power and persistent aerial coverage. It’s simple five-button control makes it easy to operate. And it can operate autonomously from anywhere.

HxGN SMART Command software

Modular configurations

LIVESKY™ SENTRY Benefits & Advantages

No batteries, no limits

Tether-powered means fly all day, up to 200’

SkyBox design for mobile or remote operation

Easy five-button control

No pilot skills required

Water and weather resistant for harsh environments

Ground-powered or vehicle-mounted

Built-in lead, flank, follow “On the Move” technology

Precision landing in SkyBox

Secure video/data over tether (jam-proof design)

Multi-payload options

HxGN SMART Command enterprise software for multi-site control

Secure integration with most VMS (Video Management Systems)

Ways To Configure The System

LiveSky Enterprise Solution


SkyBox Covered

Hoverfly SDK or Hexagon SMART Command software

Tether Kit mounted within SkyBox

LiveSky Mobile Solution


SkyBox Uncovered

Tether Kit mounted within SkyBox

• Handheld Tablet

LiveSky Dismounted


Handheld Tablet

Dismounted Tether Kit with Landing Nest

About Hoverfly

HoverFly specialize in building ISR, communication, and special purpose drones that fly all day and all night, for days, and weeks at a time.  Hoverfly’s tether-powered drones can fly without GPS when necessary, and Hoverfly is the only company in the USA that produces a drone approved by the FAA for flight in Class B airspace.

Source video, image and text: Hoverfly Technologies

Source web text: Hoverfly Technologies

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