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Chowbotics / SALLY – the “Salad Robot”, offers fully customizable salads and more 24/7 for commercial venues


Sally, Chowbotics debut robot, serves customizable, made-to-order salads, snacks, breakfast bowls, and grain bowls within a sleek 3×3 footprint. Future robots of the company are in development and will offer a wide array of menu items and cuisines.

This perfect robot will be firstly on EE.uu and Canada markets.


Sally offers nutritious, fresh and energizing salads, snacks, breakfast bowls, and grain bowls.

Her ingredients are chef selected and updated seasonally.

Sally the Robot – now can cook Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, French and Other Ethnic Food

When Sally the Robot, was introduced, was focused on salads. Chowbotics team felt should start off with something that was simple to make. The team could always add more food types later.

The team are excited to announce that Sally can now make grain bowls, yogurt bowls as well as ethnic cuisine such as Mexican, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, French, Thai and others

The team have been testing these menus in house at Chowbotics. Sally gets emptied out in no time at all.

“Chowbotics provides nutritious food anytime, anywhere with the power of robotics. Its feature product, Sally the Salad Robot, offers fully customizable salads 24/7 for commercial venues such as offices, hotels and convenience stores. Proprietary technology ensures precise caloric counts and protects the integrity and freshness of ingredients. With 22 canisters of ingredients, more than 10,000 salad options are possible and can be made in about 90 seconds. CB Insights recently recognized Chowbotics as one of the 89 startups reinventing the restaurant industry. Fast Company highlighted Sally the Salad Robot (along with the drive-through window and Instagram!) as one of 10 restaurant innovations changing the way we eat. Future robots from Chowbotics will focus on breakfast bowls, poke bowls, soups, and quinoa bowls.” Source:

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