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Tinkerbots / Meet My First Robot – gives children an introduction to the world of programming



My First Robot gives children an introduction to the world of programming, combining screen time with physical interactions. The My First Robot allows code to come to life for developers as young as 5 years old.


My First Robot Kit includes a Powerbrain, a double motor module for extra speed and super quick moves, two brick adapters to combine your Tinkerbots with LEGO® or other building systems and various bricks to give your candy-inventor their special personality.

Meet your first robot, a smart little robot who loves to experiment in his lab. This is where they invent candy creations, like onion-popcorn and glow-in-the-dark liquorice. They need your help to find the recipe for the ultimate pink sugar syrup! As you play with the app you’ll go through different levels, unlocking new movements and sounds that your robot can reproduce.

Experiencing the amazing adventures with your new cool robot friend are a fun way to learn to program. Let the robot show you a movement and then reproduce it with the code blocks on your screen or take his movements into your own hand After you have mastered all levels you’ll get to our Creative Mode where you’ll be able to freely steer your robot through the room.

My First Robot brings a manual building and playing experience to the digital world, teaching children the basics of computer programming.

Place two code blocks on the app and watch the robot execute them in real life.

Give your robot the personality it deserves! Combine it with LEGO® for endless creativity.

Source video, image and text: Tinkerbots

Source web text: Tinkerbots


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