Descartes Labs / Time-lapse video of 15 years of cloud-removed MODIS visible/near-infrared observations US, 2000-2015. Satellite image analysis – Green indicates active vegetation


Processed in Google Cloud using Descartes Labs global satellite image analysis and forecasting platform. Green indicates active vegetation. Note the annual cycle of large-scale agriculture in the midwestern corn belt and the central valley of California.

Descartes Labs

A data refinery, built to understand the planet

Sentinel-2 Base

Cloud Masks

SRTM Aspect

SRTM Elevation

Sentinel-1 SAR

Sentinel-2 Red Edge

Cloud-free Landsat 8
Instant access to science-ready imagery and intelligence from multiple data sources.

Descartes Labs are seeing an exponential rise in the number of real-world sensors, producing ever more data. Combining multiple sources provides a far richer view than that of any single data source.

Global-Scale Predictive Intelligence
Detecting Construction Starts

Using synthetic aperture radar (SAR), Descartes Labs developed a proprietary model that can identify new construction starts on the ground on a monthly basis, regardless of weather conditions. This model enables a real-time look at changes and trends impacting infrastructure growth.

Leveraging database of industry leading high-resolution imagery, Descartes Labs built a model that first identifies field boundaries and then classifies which crops are growing within each field focusing on business growth opportunities.

Using high-resolution Airbus imagery, the company built a computer vision model that can quickly identify all physical wind turbine assets worldwide in just a few hours.

Source video, image and text: Descartes Labs
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