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Kindred AI / SORT, Kindred’s AI powered robot

SORT leverages reinforcement learning and supervised learning to sort multi-SKU batches into individual customer orders.

The Smart Solution to Pick, Process, and Place Any Item SORT is the smart robotic putwall that adapts to your product assortment.

With AutoGrasp™ technology, SORT gets smarter, faster, and more accurate.

SORT handles order fulfillment, store replenishment, mail sorting, and kitting.

SORT mprove accuracy, and addressing labor shortages.

Efficiently manage labor needs through peak season. SORT’s ability to flex based on throughput needs ensures your customer demand is consistently and reliably met.

SORT easily plugs into your existing infrastructure. Kindred team of experts handle installation, integration, and testing of all units.

Designed with interactive feedback features including touchscreen panels and barcode scanners, SORT requires little-to-no training for on-floor associates.

From remote piloting assistance to OTA software updates, our team is always on, ensuring your operations are running around the clock.


Since its founding in 2014, Kindred has been exploring and engineering systems that enable robots to interact with the physical world. Kindred are a team of academics, scientists, engineers and experienced business operators building new types of cognitive architectures that will power a new generation of smarter robots.

Source video, image and text: Kindred AI

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