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CITRIS / AR/VR for drones, Joseph Menke, Ph.D. Student, UC Berkeley


ISAACS is an open-source project to envision new ways for human users to intuitively interface and collaborate with aerial drones around augmented reality (AR) technologies.

ISAACS utilizes real-time SLAM solutions to localize the 3D coordinates of aerial vehicles and the operators wearing HoloLens. The first version of the platform will be developed in collaboration also with DJI based on the Matrice-100 platform.

A new 3D, contextualized robot interface allows operators to control and command a drone fleet directly from HoloLens. It can provide seamless and intuitive extension of human operators’ perception and control capabilities to a fleet of aerial vehicles in complex environments.

ISAACS also interfaces with drones’ low-level controller to enhance the safety of the drone operation even in the case of human error. Will be also augmented in 3D space via HoloLens to enhance the operators’ situation awareness.

Source video, image and text: CITRIS

Source web text: Virtual Reality at Berkeley

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