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Kevin O’Brien / 5-Move Checkmate Robot – Kevin O’Brien – UMN ME 2011

DISCLAIMER: This video starts with the white queen in the wrong place, it should be on the clear square which results in a legal final move.
“Kaspar-Bot” was designed and built by Kevin O’Brien for the University of Minnesota Intro to Mechanical Engineering Class (ME 2011).
With the press of a button, Kaspar-Bot will demonstrate a 5-move checkmate with white winning. It uses two printer slider trays to control the X and Y directions with a servo motor moving a magnet in the Z direction, all of which are powered by a constant 10V regulated from a 12V battery.
A switch stops the motor’s voltage supply when the tray reaches the origin after each move. The chess board was laser cut into arcylic so the etched squares represent black and the blue material is HDPE. The motor is controlled by and Arduino Uno.
A great way to expand this concept would to build a pair of these robots so that two friends could play each other on a physical chessboard while in two different locations. The chess game is one move longer than the shortest chess game possible, the Fool’s Mate.
Source video, image and text: Kevin O’Brien

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