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FoldiMate / the robotic laundry folder – Alpha prototype in action


FoldiMate strive to make FoldiMate as affordable as we can. The estimate doesn’t include tax and shipping, as regulations vary by region. Estimated Price: $980

First Shipments: Late 2019. Starting in US then internationally based on demand.

Speed: Under 4 minutes, getting your laundry folding done.

Capacity: Unlimited. FoldiMate folds as long as you continue clipping.

Power: Standard 110v – 240v

Easy Clipping™ ergonomic technology enables easy and fast clipping of each item.

Simultaneous Folding™ fast allows you to feed your items continuously while it simultaneously folds them.

Smart robotic technology automatically adjusts the folding method based on preferences, item type and sizes.

Closet Ready. Adjustable folding technology that fits the folding to your shelf size.

The plan is FoldiMate gradually begin early shipments in the U.S. at the end of 2019. FoldiMate plan to open up additional regions worldwide, which will be driven by customers interest – the more Early Pre-Orders we have from a specific region, the more likely we are to prioritize it.

The final product design and features might vary from the improved concept model currently shown on the website. FoldiMate will keep you posted with product updates as we progress with the final product launch, currently planned towards the end of 2019.

FoldiMate’s will initially be available in limited quantities. Adding yourself to the waitlist is the only way to secure your spot on the waitlist so you will have the option to pre-order your FoldiMate when it becomes available in your region.

More information: – watch the latest prototype in action. See how it folds pants, towels, t-shirts and buttoned shirts

Source video, image and text: FoldiMate, Inc.
Source text: Foldimate

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