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Naïo Technologies / Tillage of vines by robot Ted on Vergèze (Gard)


Naïo Technologies Project: Weeding the vineyards in the rules of art.

With this new robot, Naïo Technologies seeks to help the wine sector through the use of new technologies for innovative projects. The main objective of the company is to improve the working conditions of winemakers respecting nature and the environment.

This is a collaborative project co-financed by the Midi-Pyrénées region, with VIF, the technical center of the Vineyard and Wine and the robotics of the LAAS-CNRS research laboratory in Toulouse.
The prototype is tested in vineyards since 2016.
We started to commercialize the first copies of this winemaking robot from 2017.

A multifunctional wine straddling robot.
Only one robot can maintain an area of ​​approximately 25 Ha.
Its main task is the mechanical removal of weeds under the row.
We plan to integrate other functionalities to this developing robot: mowing, pickling, trimming, etc.

Straddling robot Ted vines on video

Technical characteristics
Dimensions: 1m80 wide by 2m high.
4 wheel drive and steering.
Electric power
Maximum working speed 4 km / h.
Approximate weight: 800 kg.

Démo TED à Vergèze (Gard) le 18 octobre 2018. Malgré la pluie battante du matin, comme vous le voyez le sol n’est pas trop mouillé pour le robot 😉 Plus d’infos sur TED :…

Naïo Technologies

Naïo Technologies develops and markets agricultural robots, wine and electric tools to help farmers weed, harvest and harvest the fruits of their labor with confidence. Naïo Technologies robots are designed to help farmers in their daily tasks to relieve workload and optimize the profitability of the farms while limiting the environmental impact.

In recent decades, the methods of maintenance and optimization of agricultural lands have had a negative impact on the environment. Naïo Technologies, is convinced that new technologies will change course.

Agricultural robots and state-of-the-art tools aim for productivity that respects the environment and restores humanity to agriculture. Since its inception in 2011, all its employees are tied to these values and carry out research and production to benefit healthy and sustainable agriculture.

Robot Oz

Oz the weeding robot of small plots

Presentation of the Oz robot as part of the Tech & Bio Grand Ouest Rdv of Bignan on 1 & 2 June 2016. Developed by Naïo Technologies.


Source video, image and text: Naïo Technologies
Source web text: Naïo Technologies

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