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ERAETECH / Motion Control company which manufacture: servo motor, driver, controller, actuator, gripper etc.


ERAETECH is a motion control company which is manufactuing and providing the key part of automatic system products such as closed loop stepping motor, servo motor, driver, controller, actuator, and gripper etc.

Erae-Tech has been founded in 2003, and still runs to the world countinuously.
Filosophy Company trying to get 100% satisfaction from customers and hope to be the company providing the best solutions for our customers.

Communication with customers. Provide exact solution form user through Live communication with partners.

Comercialize products such as step motor series, integrated BLDC servo, linear motor, and etc.

Confident to support technology based on plentiful experiences such as ACIS,
software, and system

Always trying to develop new products for their customers.

Cool Zero Step
Intergrated Series
RS485 / RS232 / USB / CAN Communication
Open Loop (Encoder Checkable)
Built in Stand-Alone function
Open Loop System
Max. resolution 51,200 (102,400 in EDB-401E)
For 2-phases step motor
Selectable / clock or clock running method
AC power in EDB-451A

Cool Zero Servo
Full closed loop system
No tuning , No hunting
High resolution , High torque
High resolution, High torque
Great function of Controller ( EMCL IDE )
Provides DLL, API and Library
Full Closed Loop System
High resolution, High torque
Selectable communication versior or pulse version
Simple Design
Recommend motor install range in 2m
Providing DLL, API and Library

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