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Techman Robot / TM robot-TM5-demo – Nabell- JIMTOF-V3038 VIDEO


Built-in intelligent vision system.
A robotic vision model.
The Robot TM vision system has received recognition from many robotic vision manufacturers. The functions it provides include pairing of totems, object position, image enhancement mode, barcode identification and color differentiation. All these diversified functions have been integrated into the control system of the TM Flow Robot. Only by configuring the steps, you can design the tasks of the robot.
In combination with the TMRobot manual teaching and the built-in intelligent vision system, you can complete the teaching of selection and placement in 5 minutes.

Renewal of the user interface.
In the past, the industrial interface was always complicated and difficult to understand. TM-Flow has made each tool module graphic and, through the tablet, computer or smart phone, can begin to program the tasks of the robot.
Your two hands are mentors.
TM Robot will execute its action according to its route and position.

Sure, thanks to the 150N force limiter
This robot meets the security requirements for the collaboration of people and robots as specified in ISO 10218. When the robot collides with an object and has been detected by the sensor, it will stop immediately to protect personal safety.
Building a safe and collaborative environment.

Techman Robotics

Quanta Group, was established, in 1999, has been certified a global supplier of computer peripheral storage products. While rapid transformation technology, Quanta Storage creating continuously industry innovations, have seen inconveniences of traditional industrial robots, hoping that the robotic technology can truly be introduced for applications in every industrial sector. In 2012, withexcellent R&D capabilities, started to step in the robotic R&D field. In the R&D process, hundreds of experts and scholars are involved in focusing on upgrading the development of automation with their best efforts.

Under the leadership of GM, Ho Shi-Chi, Quanta Group were able to launch Techman Robot brand in just four years, which is the pioneer of the first collaborative robot in Taiwan. With up to 90% of the local content rate and fitted with the vision identification system rivalable with the one made by a foreign large manufacturer, this robot has broken through the stereotype of a traditional industrial robot.

Source video, image and text: Techman Robot

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