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Robotnik Automation / XL-GEN, mobile manipulator among Kinova Robotics and Robotnik featuring an excellent platform


The mobile manipulator XL-GEN arises from the union among Kinova Robotics and Robotnik featuring an excellent platform.

The Summit-XL robot is the base that supports the robotic arm of the ultra-lightweight Kinova Gen2 robot. The Kinova robotic arms are a perfect solution for integration in mobile platforms. This arm contributes remarkable characteristics, being a light arm of 6 DOF that can be configured with two or three fingers. The arm has a unique design with a static appearance and is made of carbon fiber materials. This manipulator is designed for hostile, dangerous or research environments. Specially designed for handling in hazardous environments.

The mobile robot SUMMIT-XL has differential kinematics (sliding direction) or omnidirectional kinematics based on 4 high performance motors. Each wheel includes a brushless motor and an encoder (optional). The odometry is calculated using the four encoders and the high precision angle sensor mounted inside the chassis.

Thanks to the low power consumption of the arm, the mobile platform increases the autonomy considerably. It has powerful powerful shock absorbers that can be assembled in various positions to change the space between the chassis and the floor of the robot.

The XL-GEN mobile manipulator uses open architecture and modular ROS control.

Source video, image and text: RobotnikAutomation
Source web text: Robotnik

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