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SoftBank Robotics / Boost foot Traffic with Pepper and NAO robots VIDEO



Remarkably improve exposure

Sustainably increase traffic in your physical spaces

Effortlessly differentiation through innovation

Build efficient online to offline activities

Easily spread the word to a larger audience

‘Attract’ for your industry

Animated relays of your communication campaigns: Pepper and NAO successfully drive foot traffic to brick and mortar stores, while breaking the ice for your sales people.

Innovative channel for increasing your brand awareness, SoftBank Robotics robots emotionally engage clients at your local branches.

Attractive initiative to grow online to offline conversion, Pepper and NAO reach more travellers and guests and drive customer engagement.

Attract_Icons_Government Government & Public services

Being perceived by people as ‘friendly’, ‘no judgement’, ‘trustful’, our robots are easily accepted by patients.

Sharpen student’s concentration, encourage their motivations to learn and practice.

Source image, video and text: SoftBank Robotics Europe

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