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OTTO MOTORS & HIROTEC AMERICA / Hirotec America’s Journey Towards Lights-Out Manufacturing / June 2017 VIDEO


HIROTEC AMERICA partnered with OTTO Motors to automate their spare parts production as part of an overall strategic goal to achieve lights-out manufacturing for 24/7 operation. The OTTO 1500 self-driving vehicle is used for automated material movement, while a Yaskawa Motoman dual-arm manipulator has been integrated onto the OTTO to pick up and dip parts in black oxide for corrosion protection.

This process was previously completed manually by operators who had to interrupt their task at the machine shop in order to transport parts to the process line and run them through the dipping procedure. The parts needed to be left in buckets for long periods of time, interrupting the flow of other processes around the facility as operators waited for the oxide line to be completed. Often the black oxide had to be repeated multiple times on the same parts – if operators did not dip them with perfect timing, they would come out inconsistently.

OTTO provides the flexibility that HIROTEC needs in addition to completing processes reliably and consistently. OTTO can work in human-dense environments and travel safely around forklifts and human operators.

Watch this video for more information: OTTO

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Source video, image and text: OTTO Motors

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