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Omnirobotic / OmniPainter™ (english) VIDEO


OmniPainter™ is an autonomous painting robot for manufacturing finishing lines. It uses 3D vision and AI to self-program itself and paint any objects suspended on an overhead conveyor. You can rent is for the same cost as an employee.

OmniPainter™, the first fully autonomous industrial painting robot for manufacturing finishing lines. You can rent is for the same cost as an employee.

Omnirobotic is developing Autonomous Industrial Robots.Omnirobotic is developing Artificial Intelligence so that robots can understand processes, not only repeat a taught motion.

Founded in 2016 by Francois Simard and Laurier Roy, Omnirobotic helps mass customization manufacturers use robotics to face manpower shortages. Omnirobotic believes it is time to create autonomous industrial robots capable of adapting to this ever-changing manufacturing environment and put an end to the most dangerous and unpleasant tasks that plague the sector.

Omnirobotic wants to eliminate the dullest, dirtiest and most dangerous tasks in this industry and create safer, more attractive working environments. Omnirobotic’s team is developing autonomous industrial robots, a new category of machines capable of adapting to the ever-changing manufacturing environment. Omnirobotic is headquartered in Laval, Quebec and funded by leading investors including Element AI, Real Ventures, Genik Automation and Alexandre Taillefer.

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