PrecisionHawk / Using drones in a renovation of the U.S. Veterans Administration’s West Los Angeles campus VIDEO


The West Los Angeles campus is the largest VA campus in the United States. Los Angeles County approximates there are 5,000 homeless veterans in the area. The mission of the campus is to provide services and shelter to those vets. Unfortunately, budget requirements of a campus renovation aren’t matched by funding. To help reduce the time and costs associated with the project, Concourse Federal Group and Booz Allen Hamilton engaged PrecisionHawk to deploy drone-based visual, thermal, and LiDAR remote sensing. Visual was used to assess pavement conditions, thermal to assess the envelops of buildings, and LiDAR to produce a high-fidelity digital twin of the 388-acre campus. The result: homeless vets get into housing faster.

Source video, image and text: PrecisionHawk

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