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VIRTUAL MEDICAL COACHING / Virtual Medical Coaching v2.0 Hand x-ray VIDEO


This short video shows Virtual Medical Coaching log in from the adaptive learning platform and launches the VR x-ray simulation. Prior to attempting the VR, a learner must show they have sufficient knowledge so they can benefit from the simulation. This video also shows the new anatomy package which allows beginners to make the skin transparent to see the bones line up (or not!) before the radiographs are produced.

Virtual Medical Coaching education platform offers Virtual Reality intertwined with adaptive learning and metric feedback for learners which allows novices to be guided through the correct steps and have good habits ingrained while letting more experienced students have the freedom to experiment by adding complexities into the simulations.

The simulations allow for unlimited training in an immersive, safe environment. In addition, adaptive digital learning platform moves e-learning from linear training to a more sophisticated program able to adapt to both learners and their instructors. This offers accurate analytics on the progress made and the areas still to work on.

Simulation is key. It allows the OSF ratio to be fluid and alter depending on a learner’s needs.

Virtual Medical Coaching offers users are able to access and experience, in real-time, an interactive and immersive VR environment created from 3D datasets. If they want to touch the patient they reach out and do so; if they want to adjust some machinery they turn the controls with their hands. All of this, of course, in a virtual world.

Virtual learning through a VR system opens up a new window of opportunity for STEM education, difficult and often mundane content is presented in a new and exciting way.

For universities, it really improves student uptake when they see they’re going to be using the newest technology. Students pay for their qualification and they’re looking for universities to go beyond classroom teaching.

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