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NAO is a bipedal robot with pleasantly rounded features.
58cm height
NAO has constantly evolved since the beginning of his adventure in 2006 and the 6th version (NAO6), launched in 2018, integrates a new CPU which enhances his performance.

25 degrees of freedom which enable him to move and adapt to his environment.

7 touch sensors located on the head, hands and feet, sonars and an inertial unit to perceive his environment and locate himself in space.

4 directional microphones and speakers to interact with humans.

Speech recognition and dialogue available in 20 languages*.

*English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish…

Two 2D cameras to recognize shapes, objects and even people.

Open and fully programmable platform.

Pepper and NAO easily create an empathetic link with students & researchers ideal for Education & Research secto

Pepper and NAO are connected, effective, accurate and multi-functional: conducting repetitive tasks, optimising resources & decreasing administrative costs. Other sector that are ideal are the Healthcare sector.

Find more informations about the product here:…

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