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Nuro / Future in delivering / Nuro VIDEO “Less Time on Errands, More Time on Life”


Nuro Company believe that great technology should benefit everyone. The team at Nuro is accelerating a future where robots make life easier and help us connect to the people and things we love. Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of robotics to improve human life.

This is the future Nuro is delivering.

In the category of super-sized delivery robots is Nuro in Silicon Valley. The startup raised $92 million in January for what appears to be a self-driving car about the size of a golf cart. Investors include Banyan Capital, a Chinese venture firm, and one of the top VC firms in Greylock Partners.

Usual bells and whistles standard on self-driving cars: LiDAR, cameras and radar.  Forbes reportedthat Nuro is currently building a half-dozen electric vehicles to carry everything from groceries and food orders to flowers and packages.

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