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Kamibot / 2 Kamibots 1 Maze (Game)


2 Kamibots 1 Maze

2 Kamibots escaping a maze. Each are using an algorithm that consists of 15 lines of block code. Findmore about Kamibot at

Kamibot is at robot that teaches your kids to code, but also lets them express their creativity.

It uses an open-source programming interface, and can be fully customised with countless paper craft skins.

Kamibot Company

Kamibot are a team of engineers and artists with skills including circuit design, firmware programming, paper design, graphic design and toy making.


But most of all are a group of people who feel strongly that kids should learn to code, should boost their critical and creative thinking skills, and should have fun doing it.

Source video, image and text: Kamibot
Source text web: Kamibot

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