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KUKA / andyRobot Animates Robots – No Programming Needed

KUKA partner andyRobot (AKA Andy Flessas) has developed a plug-in for industry leading animation software, Autodesk Maya, that allows KUKA robots to be programmed by anyone who knows how to animate inside Maya. Simply by dragging the 3D model of the robot through space in the virtual world and setting keyframes, a robot program can be created. Called Robot Animator, andyRobot’s Maya plug-in is aimed squarely at creative professionals, but could also find use in other less creative robot programming endeavors.
The technology is enabled by KUKA’s EntertainTech, a piece of hardware and software that allows for the robot animation to be turned into a robot program and drive the robot. Follow along as Andy demonstrates how Robot Animator works and discusses the future of robots in entertainment endeavors. KUKA Entertainment Robotics portal:
Source image, video and text: KUKA – Robots & Automation

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